“THE SIRENS OF THE NILE” The group of oriental dance born in 2007 from an idea of Deborah and Ingrid Ciriaco, a member institution of sports promotion UISP LEAGUE DANCE Abruzzo, E Recognized for Fini sports from CONI.Le sisters are Ciriaco Active Promoters dance a regional level, rispettivamenteconsigliera well and vice president of UISP LEAGUE DANCE ABRUZZO.Del Ballet THE SIRENS OF THE NILE Part InOLTRE Brunilda coku, Valentina Conte and Xhejnsila Gjinovae sisters Deborah and Ingrid Ciriaco.La home school dance eastern THE SIRENS OF THE NILE And in via Piedmont 50 of Martinsicuro.

That the quality of the show on offer throughout the country, together with the elegance of Their performance has turned Sirens On the Nile “spotlight” of Important tested television (OPEN STUDIO of Italy One, Fifth Network, TV Teleponte, TVA Center Marche , TVP Italy, Network 8 8 Sports Network, Telemare, Tv Adriatic, Vera and TV Studio 100 TV Marche Salento) and has attracted the attention of many Italian.