Dorina Di Marco

Dorina Di Marco was born in 1963 in Roseto degli Abruzzi and began dancing at the age of nine. She continued her artistic life despite many sacrifices
which were finally repaid when her dream came true: not only did she become an able dancer but also was able to found a dance school, “Isadora Duncan”,
which made it possible for young girls and boys to cultivate their passion without leaving home as she was forced to do.
She continues to participate in courses with master dancers such as Prebil, Damianov, Marcia Plein, Elisabetta Syostom , Simonetta Cesaretti and others.
Her passion for modern dance led her to study with Siv Ander, student of Birgit Culberg in order to perfect the Graham technique.
After graduating from the National Dance Academy in Rome she flew to New York to perfect her modern dance techniques with many famous dancers,
among which Max Stone and Michel Assaf. In her dance school she trains students in both classical and contemporary dance and began organizes training
sessions and reviews such as the “Festival Danza estate 89” in which Anna Paola Pace, Jean Goden and Daniela Capacci participated.
In 1990, the dance company “Professione Danza” was formed and began participating in reviews and international competitions with dances entitled
“Histoires”, “AMores”, “Why” and “l’Attesa”. Together with Maestro Antonio Scarpetti she realized “Incontri con il Flamenco”, “Contaminazioni” and “Mediterranea”
based on flamenco music “contaminated” with contemporary dance. She was the protagonist in a video with the accordion player Renzo Ruggier
and in 2003 was the choreographer and dancer in Adolph Adam’s production of “Giselle” performed in many prestigious theaters along the Adriatic coast.