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The Cultural Association “Padre Candido Donatelli”

The Association organizes an Internation Festival of Musical Bands in Giulianova. This year the 14th Festival will be held from May 29 to June 2, 2014. For five days groups of musicians in typical costumes play in the historical center of the town and along the boardwalk near the sea creating a marvelous kaleidoscope of color and sound.

A unique festival

The International Festival of Musical Bands is unique: in fact, it is the only festival of its kind in Italy.

  1. The choreographies
    The choreographies are always professional and fantastic, astounding and fascinating the spectators who come from the surrounding regions and beyond. The event which grows bigger every year, has seen bands coming from five continents and include countries such as : the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, China, Japan, Polynesia, South Africa , Russia, the Caribbean islands and other European countries. The event has also hosted the extraordinary participation of State military bands such as the Carabinieri Fanfare on Horseback, the Italian State Police, the Italian Navy Band, the Taurinense Fanfare Brigade, the Garibaldi Bersaglieri Brigade, the U.S. Sixth Fleet Band, the Nato Band and others.
  2. The award from the President of the Republic
    The organization has been awarded the honor of the Medal of Representation offered by the President of the Republic to be given to the the Band which wins first place.
    It is an award which lends prestige and honor to the Festival, and is held in special esteem by the foreign bands which have won it.

The event has been sponsored by the President of the Council of Ministers, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Cultural Affairs Ministry, the Ministry of Tourism, the European Union, the Region of the Abruzzo, the Provincial Administration, the city of Giulianova, the Italian Touring Club, Uniontourism and the Tercas Foundation.

The Festival and the Media

The Festival has always received attention by the national , regional and local newspapers, televisions and radios. Each year a special program is televised By Rai Uno and Rai Due on the transmissions “La Vita in diretta, Festa Italiana, Serena Variabile, and also on the TG2, TG and TG3 Abruzzo news.

The Festival and Tourism

Today the Festival represents a beautiful showpiece for the Abruzzo region and the rest of the country.

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