Jury 2014

Carmine Carrisi
President Conductor of Orchestra and in the past, Director of the Conservatory “G.B. Martini” di Bologna.

Fulvio Creux
Ex Director ot the band of Guardia di Finanza and Director of the band of the Italian Army.

Gianluca Gardini
Composer of band music and docent at the musical institute “G. Lettimi” in Rimini. Ex director of the city bands of Forlì and Rimini.

Giovanni Gasbarrini
Professor in Internal Medicine president of the Foundation “Ricerca in Medicina Onlus” and member of numerous ministerial commission for Health. Aficionado and expert of band music.

Dorina Di Marco
Artistic director, teacher, choreographer of the dance school “Isadora Duncan”.

Loris Danesi
Fashion stylist

Monica Emmi